How to Throw a Great Holiday Party Without the Stress

Holiday Party Without Stress

7 Tips for a Holiday Party without Stress

The holidays, party planning and special diets can all contribute to a lot of stress during an otherwise joyful time of the year. With some careful planning; however, you can easily manage any pre-party jitters and put together a great holiday spread. Here are some helpful tips for planning your next holiday event and keeping stress to a minimum.

Pick Your Party

If you haven’t decided on what kind of party you would like to host, take a moment to think about what would be fun for you and your guests. You could have a festive cocktail party, if you’re looking to do something more casual. If you would rather focus on conversation, consider a get together that offers a meal. Dinner parties are especially wonderful for bringing together tight-knit groups like family and close friends.

Get Ideas

One of the most fun parts of party planning is selecting the decor and food. Unless you already know what you want to do, this is a great time to let the creative juices flow. If you’re in need of inspiration, Pinterest is one of the best resources to get ideas. Using its web or mobile applications, you can search for photos, get recipes, and pin (or save) ideas to a personalized (virtual vision) board. It will no doubt save you time and minimize any stress you may have over decorations. It may even make you smile!

Make Several Lists

Waiting until the last minute to do anything is a recipe for failure. Avoid putting yourself in this position by creating lists for your holiday get together. Whether it’s groceries, invitations, songs or dietary restrictions, these will help you to mentally prepare for the tasks at hand and anticipate anything you might need. Once you have made the lists, remember to do the following:

Send your invitations well in advance

Everyone is busy this time of year, so it’s best to get your event date on the calendar before it’s too late.

Research food and drinks for guests with special dietary restrictions

If it’s a large party, accommodating every single request isn’t necessary. If it’s a smaller party; however, it’s best to find something to eat for everyone who is attending. You can search the web or Pinterest for ideas, or if you’re really unsure, go ahead and reach out to those guests with special requests. They will probably be more than happy to help you figure out what their diet entails and provide any ideas, if you need them. If you’re looking for snacks that will accommodate several diets (e.g. vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and paleo, etc.), you can never go wrong with fresh fruits and veggies, and dipping sauces like dressings and hummus. Bowls of mixed nuts are also another safe bet, minus the honey-roasted kind.

Pick up decor and food in the weeks or week, leading up to your party

By doing this, you will save yourself the frustration of holiday traffic, and you won’t have to worry about the items you need selling out. If this is your first big holiday meal, make sure you have enough items like place settings, too. The week leading up to the party is also a good time to make a song play list, so you won’t have to bother with making one later.

Prepare as much food as you can the day or evening before your party

No one likes to spend all day getting ready for a party only to be tired while the actual get together is happening. Choose easy-to-make dishes, and ones that can be stored overnight or reheated later. If you’re hosting a dinner party specifically, soups are a great option.

Remember: The holidays are about quality time with family and friends. Have fun and enjoy your time together.

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