Once a Week? Or…

Clearly the days of 5 times a week intensive psychoanalysis have gone by the wayside, along with lying on the couch facing away from your analyst. Even the word analysis is no longer in favor. Yet I still get a lot of clients questioning how often they should come to therapy. I’ve heard lots of variations on the following question: “Isn’t once a month enough?” The answer? A qualified “No”.

Therapy More than Once a Week
If you have been in therapy for some time and feel as though you are spinning your wheels, then yes, it might be time for a break – not a permanent one, probably, but a hiatus in which you can go about testing out the theories and tools that you have learned thus far. Then, you might want to come back for a “tune up” and that might be all you need for a while. If, on the other hand, you are dealing with an active mental wellness issue, from depression to schizophrenia, you probably should be in therapy on a consistent basis.

All of this is a long way of saying, “It depends on your situation”, which may sound like a cop out. It’s not, though – everyone’s situation is unique and should be handled as such. I have had clients decide, after consulting with me, that they need only come twice a month. I have agreed to this schedule based on their specific situation. Talk it over with your therapist, and come to an understanding you are both comfortable with.

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